3 reasons to buy handmade candles from small businesses

So you’ve decided you need a new candle (or five) for your home — great choice! But now you’re considering whether to buy from a big name brand or support a smaller business.

Although no one can force your hand when it comes to decisions like this, we can certainly provide some insight on why it’s better to shop small when it comes to handmade candles and other artisanal goods.

Here are three reasons why you’ll want to buy handmade candles from small businesses.

1. Handmade candles often boast better quality

Product quality is better controlled when things are made in small batches. After all, it’s harder to miss glaring mistakes in production when things are made one or a few at a time.

For many small business owners, the work they do is their passion rather than just a means to get by — they love what they do and it shows.

You’ll even find that your handmade products often have a personal touch, whether it’s from a handwritten note from the owner or extra care taken in their packaging. And for some people, that’s worth the few extra dollars they’d spend to support a local business.

2. Handmade candles are better for the environment

Making things by hand also creates far less waste and greenhouse gas emissions than manufacturing things on a large scale in a factory. This means that handmade candles are great for those who want to purchase sustainable products.

Weax & Wicks candles are big on sustainability and low on waste, and every purchase you make supports bee conservancy in the United States — so every purchase you make from our shop is one you can feel good about.

3. You support local small businesses in the process

Some small businesses don’t have the resources or the desire to sell their goods on a national scale — meaning that you’ll usually find their products in local markets instead.

But this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! In fact, buying from local sellers means that you’re supporting local shops and putting money back into the local economy. Think of it as the difference between helping a mother pay for her son’s college tuition versus lining the pockets of some uninterested corporate executive hundreds of miles away from you.

Additionally, local business owners have dedicated time and effort to their craft, so buying from them reinforces their passion for what they do. It shows them that they have customers willing to go the extra mile to support them in their efforts.

Shop handmade candles from Weax & Wicks today

When you’re looking for handmade candles to decorate your space, choose Weax & Wicks for your home decor needs.

Our company specializes in sustainable candles — in fact, 10% of all our proceeds go directly to bee rescue and conservation. We’ve also partnered with Project Farmhouse in New York City, and we regularly meet with restaurants to push for more bee conservancy and better use of apiaries for small businesses in the area.

Our founder, Vandana Arcot, got started when she discovered that her child was allergic to fragrances. She looked for better candle options but none of them satisfied her needs, so she began making candles herself. Today, she heads a thriving candle business and even does special bridal packages for women who want to have their own special candles at their big event.

Shop our handmade candle collection on our website now. If you have any questions or concerns about any of our products, you can contact us using the form on our website.

handmade candle lying on a wool blanket with a spray of baby's breath flowers behind it