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December 27, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Weax & Wicks
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Nearly 90 percent of American homes have candles. And it seems that even when electricity and lighting technology have been around for quite some time, nothing can quite replace the old-fashioned allure of candles. We use them for lighting up a relaxing aromatherapeutic bath, freshening up our homes, romantic candle-lit-dinners, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions.

Candles made during the olden times were primarily made up of tallow or beeswax. Aside from these, other popular candle ingredients were spermaceti (from the sperm whale), stearin (purified animal fat), and paraffin wax (a by-product of coal, petroleum or shale oil).

However, studies have linked paraffin candles to certain health issues such as skin irritation, asthma, and lung cancer. This is attributed to paraffin candles releasing highly toxic carcinogens (benzene and toluene) when burned. Moreover, the fact that paraffin wax comes from unsustainable and environmentally harmful sources has only added to its decline in popularity.

Weax & Wicks—committed to sustainability

Since we’ve no desire to contribute to the environmental harm caused by unsustainably sourced candles, at Weax & Wicks, we only produce eco-sustainable beeswax and soy wax candles.

Weax & Wicks is a clean, sustainable brand that’s fully invested in bee rescue and conservation.

We've partnered with Project Farmhouse in NYC and coordinated with restaurants regarding bee conservancy. Also, part of our pledge to uphold sustainable business practices focuses on better apiary use for businesses.

To this end, we have pledged 10 percent of our profits towards this cause. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability in candle-making extends to all candle components, including containers and packaging.

Wax melts: Comprises blended beeswax and coconut-apricot wax.

Scents: Sourced from natural ingredients, phthalate-free fragrances, and USDA-certified essential oils

Wicks: Locally sourced wooden wicks from mills certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and manufactured locally, too.

Containers: Hand-molded glass containers that are more durable, safer, and offer higher heat resistance.

Packaging: All plant-based, durable, and compostable, while the tissue paper is made of recycled material.

Weax & Wicks candles

Made from blended beeswax and soy wax, our candle ingredients are locally sourced and natural, free from artificial additives and other harmful substances.


The waxy, all-natural, non-toxic substance that bees secrete after consuming honey, is what we know to be beeswax. This is the same material bees use to create their honeycombs. Cleaned and filtered beeswax is a beneficial material for good quality candles, offering the following benefits:

• Since beeswax candles are all-natural, lighting these up does not produce toxic fumes and heavy soot.

• Beeswax candles produce negative ions when they are lit, so they help neutralize toxins in the air, thereby helping in ridding your home of unpleasant odors, dust, and mold.

• Beeswax candles exude a lightly sweet, natural honey scent that aids in inducing stress relief and relaxation.

• When used properly, beeswax candles are essentially dripless, so they are inherently safer to burn.

• Beeswax candles give off bright, pure illumination that can help reduce headaches and minimize eye strain.

Soy wax

Soy wax was developed by students to enter a competition that was sponsored by the Indiana Soybean Development Council and Purdue's Department of Agronomy. These students developed a process that solidified soybean oil, and subsequently produced a birthday candle made from a renewable source. They emerged as champions of the competition.

Since then, soy wax has been considered an excellent sustainable source of candle wax offering the following benefits:

• Vegetable-derived, natural, biodegradable and renewable ingredient sources

• Easy to clean using soap and water

• Lower melting point (compared to paraffin wax) so they burn slower and for longer

• Used for creating petro soot-free candles

If you're looking for sustainable candles, New York residents can enjoy quality products, guilt-free when they shop at Weax and Wicks.