Keeping bees in your backyard? Here’s what you need to know

At Weax & Wicks, which is known for selling some of the best beeswax candles in New York, we believe that honey bees are a staple for any garden. In addition to helping your garden thrive, keeping bees in your backyard offers a host of other benefits.

In this article, we’ll explore the many advantages of keeping bees, and we’ll share tips on how to make your outdoor space attractive to new colonies.

The benefits of keeping bees

While some may be tempted to call the exterminator when bees are spotted in the garden, this is unnecessary. Not only are bees essential for a healthy environment, they also help pollinate many of the food crops we rely on.

Here are just some of the benefits of keeping bees in your backyard:

Your garden can reach its full potential

If you have your own garden, then you know there’s nothing like enjoying homegrown fruits and veggies. Was your last harvest looking a little bare? The solution might not be more fertilizer. Instead, consider making your garden more inviting to bees.

When bees feed, plant pollen sticks to the tiny hairs on their body. When they feed on the next plant, they inadvertently transfer some of this pollen to the female reproductive organ of the plant. This process is essential for pollination, which helps plants grow and produce new seeds. Pollination ensures your garden will produce a bountiful harvest in the upcoming months.

You can harvest your own honey and beeswax

Imagine being able to enjoy honey that was naturally created in your own yard. You can easily do so, even if you’re an amateur beekeeper. And the best part? It’s completely sustainable. In most cases, honey bees actually make more honey than they need. As long as the bees have enough nectar sources, you can avoid over-harvesting.

Not only that, but you can also harvest beeswax for making your own candles, moisturizers, and salves. Here at Weax & Wicks, we use sustainably sourced beeswax to create some of the best beeswax candles in New York.

You’re helping the environment

The benefits of amateur beekeeping go far beyond your own garden. Did you know that bee populations nationwide are on the decline? This is having devastating effects on agriculture, not to mention the natural environment.

By keeping bees in your backyard, you can help replenish bee populations and support a healthy ecosystem.

Tips for attracting bees to your yard

  • Plant colorful flowers: If you want to create a bee-friendly yard, you should keep color in mind. Consider keeping your garden full of yellow, purple, and blue flowers, which bees are naturally drawn to.
  • Plant ground cover for shade: After a day out in the sun, bees like to rest and recuperate in the shade. Coleus and bugleweed are easy-to-grow options that provide tired bees plenty of shade.
  • Give them something to drink: Even bees need something to sip on. Be sure to place shallow dishes of water throughout your garden so bees can stay hydrated.
  • Use natural pest protection: Pesticides can be harmful and even fatal to bees. Instead, opt for a natural option, such as keeping ladybugs or pest-repelling plants in your yard.

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Keeping bees in your backyard? Here’s what you need to know from Weax & Wicks, which sells the best beeswax candles in New York