4 Reasons To Buy Natural Candles Online For Your Wedding Day

Every bride dreams about her wedding day. There are so many decisions to make and so little time to make them. While you’re in the midst of all the craziness, consider using beeswax candles to light up your wedding day, and emulate the everlasting light that is love. Below we discuss some of the perks of choosing beeswax candles over conventional wax.

Less packaging.

You’re going to have plenty of gifts to open and tons of wrapping paper to throw out. Give yourself one less thing to worry about disposing of, while you keep your wedding day more environmentally friendly than most. While other candle companies may try to solicit your business, remember that your wedding day is none of their beeswax!

Natural candles don’t emit any harmful fumes.

Conventional wax candles may contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to the health of your guests. Keep your wedding day healthy and wholesome without toxins floating around the sacred air that you’re getting married in! All-natural candles will keep the vibes high, and varnish your wedding day with the beautiful touch that it needs.

Longer burn.

Unlike conventional wax candles, beeswax candles will burn far longer and emit a more pleasant aroma. Emulate that everlasting flame that is your marriage with the candles you choose to celebrate your sacred union with.


Beeswax candles are biodegradable and are not harmful to the environment. On your wedding day, you’ll want to foster a mindful atmosphere that cradles the well-being of the earth around you. Start your marriage off the all-natural way by using decorations that will not threaten the longevity of the earth.

Less soot.

Everyone loves candles, but the soot they omit can be a bit much after a while. While conventional candles are soot producing culprits, beeswax candles actually produce significantly less soot. This phenomenon actually improves the air quality and makes the aroma of the candle far more enjoyable. Sometimes candles can thicken the air and make it unbearable to breathe it, especially in enclosed environments.

There are plenty of outstanding reasons to use beeswax candles on your wedding day. Begin a long and happy marriage the all-natural way with Weax & Wicks candles! We are a company dedicated to environmental sustainability and preservation. Our company is proud to donate 10% of all our proceeds to support bee rescue and conservation!

Our story begins when our founder worked as a doctor in the UN for 13 years. When she had kids, she decided to take a break and focus on being a mother. One day, she noticed that her child was actually allergic to fragrances. With a desire to expose her child to the sweet and comfortable aroma candles provide, she set out to make a candle that wouldn’t irritate allergies. She soon stumbled upon beeswax as a suitable material for this mission and the rest is history!

Reach out to us today! We are always happy to answer and discuss any questions you may have about our all-natural products!